What is WebNGames?

Welcome to WebNGames.com. This website highlights short films, websites, and games I have produced over the years. This website was started 15 years ago (2000/2001) as a place to store code, connect with other web designers, and experiment with many different ideas and designs. Many of the early projects are fairly simple. I made the first webngames.com (click here to see the original site that is 15 years old now) when I was a high school student who just liked to play around with different pieces of code. For my senior project in high school (at McLean School where I now work) I redesigned the school website (the one I made in those two weeks can be seen here). After this project I graduated valedictorian (2003) and went to the University of Pennsylvania. While there I designed websites for law firms and other small organizations on the side. I really thought I was going to become a programmer but then I took one graphic design class and decided to become an art major. This is also when I found my love of making films.

I have always been interested in film and video making even from a young age. I started making films in college using tapes and Final Cut Pro. Some of my early films can be seen here. They are often graphic and just tests of what I could do and not very good by my standards today. I have changed a lot in both style and content over the years. I then moved onto making interactive films and story telling. Often I would bring animation into these stories and this is what led me to my senior project. (Click here to see what I did for my Senor Project at the University of Pennsylvania. Flash required) I also made some cool interactive projects while at UPenn including this one for my professor Kal Penn.

After college I went to work for Newt Gingrich at Newt.org (this is an Internet Archive of that time) and GingrichProductions.com (also an archive page). I worked there from 2008-2010. I helped run the on-line store, maintained the website, was a graphic editor on many projects, videotaped and edited many different YouTube videos in adition to many other jobs. I even created this youtube channel for one of his books. After that I went back to my old High School to teach web design, graphic design, film, photography, as well as other technology courses (some of the students websites can be viewed here). I did this while being the web master for the website (McLeanSchool.org) and doing all the film and graphic design work for the school. I left teaching at the end of the 2013-14 school year and became the fill time Communication and Marketing Specialist for the school. For this job I have implemented a new website, kept the website maintained while continuing to help produce all the graphic design, video and photography work for the school. I have also created and maintained the YouTube channel for McLean School.org for the last 5 years as well as their other social media.

I have many other interests that I have documented over the last 15 years. I enjoy a lot of different types of music (you can see setlists from some of the concerts I have been to here) and art. Many of the documentaries I have filmed about music and/or art can be found on the navigation to the left. Also please enjoy the archive of the old flash games, and websites I have designed. I will be posting updates about other projects on the following social networks and YouTube that can be found using these buttons to the left: